Aspens at Crooked Creek

Welcome to Mono Basin Photographics

We are a group of photographers, teachers, and students dedicated to preserving the tradition of the well-crafted image. We believe that photographic craft has tremendous value, regardless of whether images are produced with a four megapixel digital camera or an 8 x 10 Deardorff. We have dedicated ourselves to making that craft more accessible to all skill levels and temperaments. We won’t claim to be better than anyone or know some Truth that will demystify the creative process! What we will do is honestly share our experiences and perceptions about photography and living a creative life.

Mono Lake Image

We teach workshops in some very beautiful and powerful landscapes: White Mountains (and bristlecone pines), Eastern Sierra (and Mono Lake), Yosemite, Death Valley, Mojave Desert (and Zzyzx), Wilder Ranch… But these are not your typical trophy-hunting workshops! We use the environment as a powerful backdrop to create an atmosphere of intensity and creativity. We plan to expand this site in the coming months to include information, essays, testing data, and materials & equipment that are especially suited to the Craft Approach. Please bookmark us and check back often for new workshops, products, and information.