Resources for Photographers

Over time we plan to expand this section of our website with much of our own content as well as additional third party information. For now we’re providing some links to various photography-related sites we think you might enjoy.


Analog Photography User Group

Site dedicated to issues surrounding both traditional (current) and historic non-digital processes.

Digital Photography Review

Very good, mostly unbiased, reviews and tests of digital equipment.


Excellent photo storage and sharing site.

One of the original photo sharing sites featuring member critiques, articles, and community forums.

Photography Equipment & Materials

B&H Photo

Our favorite East Coast source... good prices and reliable service you can trust.

Calumet Photographic

Calumet has lots of stuff that B&H doesn’t carry... they carry the old Zone VI products (some of them!)


One of the holdouts... supplying black & white film and papers and, of course, Ilfochrome and chemicals.

Light Impressions

The source for all things archival... sometimes you can find it cheaper, but they usually have good packaging and quantities that are hard to beat.

Keeble & Shuchat

The Bay Area source for the good stuff... sometimes can compete pretty well with East Coast, (sometimes not)... great rental program.

Midwest Photo Exchange

Another discounter... compare to B&H for good shopping, good used and large format departments.

Photographer’s Formulary

The place for all of your phenidone and triethanolamine needs... all the stuff for historical processes and making your own... good folks, too.

Clothing & Other Equipment

Duluth Pack

Great outdoor gear, mostly canvas... be sure to read the article “Why Canvas”.


High quality outdoor clothing and luggage... mostly canvas and leather.


Christopher Burkett

One of the top color landscape dudes of our time... very interesting approach and methodologies.

Mark Citret

Mark is a good friend and great photographer.

Eliot Porter/Amon Carter Museum

One of the all-time great color photographers and printers.

Huntington Witherill

Hunter is a good friend and colleague at UCSC Extension... we don’t always agree but we always have constructive discussions... and he is a great photographer and artist!

John Sexton

John is one of our great black & white practitioners.

Kurt Markus

Kurt is a very interesting guy... you’re just as liable to find him photographing buckaroos in Montana or fashion work for Nike.

Bruce Barnbaum

Bruce is a long-time associate of John Sexton and Ray McSavaney, an excellent photographer and printer.



Very interesting... lots of philosophical discussions... great portfolios... lots of good DVD’s and other media... even if they do use the phrase “mere craft” in the masthead.


Robert Feinman

Conceptual Photography: An Artistic Manifesto (great stuff!)


Shooting the West

A wonderful symposium in Winnemucca, Nevada, every March... 250-300 people show up... and lots of us show up.

Workshop Programs

John Sexton

John’s printing workshops are extraordinary...

Santa Fe Workshops

A well-established and diverse program.

Photographic Arts

Bruce Barnbaum’s program based in Granite Falls, Washington.