Welcome to the “Thumb Your Nose at High Fuel Prices, Stimulate the Economy, Invest in Yourself...” Crooked Creek Gathering

Rainbow over the Whites - Douglas Vincent
© Douglas Vincent - instructor

This is one of those “turn a negative into a positive” kind of things. We’ve had limited enrollments in the workshops this summer. It could be attributed to a multitude of factors, but the uncertain economy and high fuel prices certainly play a role. So we’ve decided to do our share to stimulate the economy, and stimulate some interest in Mono Basin Photographics at the same time. We’re offering you the opportunity to spend a week in the White Mountains at a cost savings that will more than cover your fuel to get there!

Gatherings are get-togethers that have no formal curriculum, hosted by Mono Basin Photographics at a greatly reduced rate. For past students, they are a way to give something back. For prospective students, they provide an inexpensive way to mingle with like-minded folks and learn more about photographic craft.

This Gathering is extra special. We wouldn’t ordinarily host a Gathering at Crooked Creek, simply because our three classes that we teach there are usually full or nearly so. This is a unique and inexpensive opportunity to spend a week in the powerful landscape of the White Mountains and bristlecone pines.

Crooked Creek Facility - Peter Coughlin
© Peter Coughlin - class alumni

Lodging is dormitory style in two beautifully restored log buildings. Meals are provided by White Mountain Research Station staff. All the amenities — hot water, electricity, showers, wi-fi — could almost make you forget that you’re in the middle of a Natural Preserve at 10,100’. But you won’t forget. The landscape will see to that. For those of you unfamiliar with Crooked Creek and the White Mountains, please see the workshop description for Landscape-Mindscape: The White Mountains and Bristlecone Pines.

You will be on your own to photograph to your heart’s desire. We’ll have informal discussions at breakfast and in the evenings along with a couple of campfires. During the day, we’ll be conducting formal critiques sessions for participants in the Crooked Creek Alumni Reunion running concurrently with this Gathering. Otherwise, we’ll be busy working on projects around the camp.

We hope you’ll join us — you won’t regret it!