Door & nail - Elaine Davis
© Elaine Davis - class alumni

Crooked Creek Alumni Reunion

This will be our Fifth Annual Crooked Creek Alumni Reunion! When we started in 2004, we thought it would be a one-time gig, or at most every few years. But we just had too much fun, and decided we should do it every year. (see sidebar for prerequisites)

Those of you who have spent a week with us in the White Mountains know how — shall we say, difficult? — it is to be trapped in the classroom at Crooked Creek. Here is your opportunity to respond to the call of those ancient trees and the powerful landscape. This is your chance to spend quality time in the field with your camera and reconnect with instructors and friends you might have met in the past at Crooked Creek. You’ll have just one daytime commitment all week, a two-hour discussion and critique. That leaves something in the neighborhood of seventy-five hours to photograph!

Bristlecone & Snow - Jeffrey Sipress
© Jeffrey Sipress - class alumni

We had a requirement the first year that participants were supposed to write a one-page report about fine art photography in the White Mountains. Nobody did it. What can I say? Truly a class designed around the desires of our students! Evenings will be spent either around the campfire or the round table. We’ll have one round table discussion of philosophical issues, and one of technical issues. These round table discussions have evolved into always stimulating, sometimes rousing, explorations of issues.

This year, Reunion students will mingle with Gathering participants — a great opportunity to evangelize for photographic craft!